Or, if you feel really ambitious, go for the one- year bible reading plan. That takes about 20-30 minutes a day and is a super routine.

God’s creation

October 2020 by Ursula

When I see nature, the smallest bits of it like this tiny shell or this autumnal Physalis, I just know that there must have been a creator! Evolution would not have resulted in such beauty and perfection way beyond a plant’s functional needs. These finds make my day and remind me of God’s presence all around us.

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Our Sister Church in Singapore

February 2020 by Ursula

An international church like ours has, by its very nature, a very transient congregation. Somebody joins, worships with you for a while, sometimes years, and then says farewell because their contract has come to an end, or they retire and move back home. That is sad and always a heart-wrench.


The upside is that they remain friends, and you end up knowing Christians all over the world. So when we set off to the other side of the globe in February 2020, we were overjoyed to be able to meet up with Maggie in Singapore. She had worshipped with us in Düsseldorf for a few months the previous year. We were very keen to see her home church, of which we had heard so much.

So one sunny afternoon, we got a guided tour of the main building and the facilities. They recently extended the church on two sides and now have a huge font, like a swimming pool for adult baptisms, located under removable floor-boards. Look at the size of the communion rail! And this is only one of the five sites of the eleven Sunday worship services.

The Church has nine pastors, ninety staff members, and many volunteers. This year, they expect to raise 18 Million Singapore Dollars for their pastoral activities (they have 7000 members), their missionary work, etc. And all this stemmed from just one missionary 135 years ago; this is an example of what can be achieved by a vision and God’s helping hand!

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Being really, really welcoming

January 2015 by Ursula

We saw this fixed to a church door in Worcestershire, England. We read this and thought: This is our kind of church. How can you not be curious enough to give this congregation a-go? I bet Jesus would have loved to read this, too!

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